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Scart (aka Shane Carter) is an Australian born Digital Artist / Designer , Musician and Lyricist. Born in 1969, hence "scart69.net", Scart creates images and designs in a wide variety of styles.

Coming from a DIY punk background, Scart was guitarist / song writer in several Australian punk bands including Berzerk Surgeons, SUSS and the satirical, Deaf Machine.

He is currently working with the Synaptic Graffiti Collective and is . . .

more . . .


> > > G A L L E R I E S < < <

Art of a subversive nature.
CAUTION: May be considered offensive! Read legal Warning first.

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Art of a sublime nature . . . from the surreal to the serene, fantasy, fiction , pseudo, psycho, sexual, blah, blah, blur.

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