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- Fri,6Jun 03
Note to Prime Minister
Postcard from the edge

Dear Mr H(c)oward

You have led my nation to fear through your own cowardice,
to hate through your own prejudice,
and to the narrowest of minds, through your own pettiness.

You attack the weak, scapegoat the poor and abuse the sick and disabled.

The truly strong, in mind, power and soul, do not attack those in need, they raise them up but you would stand on the faces of drowning children to save yourself. You will be remembered for all that you are not.

You are destroying the spirit of my country and the memory of the bravely compassionate people that came before us, the true Australians of all skin colours that helped build this society before your sickening disease of gutlessness and fear infected the body of my nation.

you are a nightmare and i can’t wake up

How I wish you weren’t here

- Thurs, 6 March 03

A few thoughts on Iraq
In no particular order

I.m just thinking / typing outloud here but a few things have been occuring to me:

Any technically evolved nation, especially THE Worlds SuperPower, could easily and surgically remove Saddam. NO need for war. Quick, simple and costs the price of a bullet, 2 packed lunches and a marines weekend rates. The idea that the USA is too inept for that is truly terrifying beyond words.

Blix himself said that “substantial progress” was being made and that NOTHING had been found. These guys are professionals. This is what they do for LIVING! We’re not talking about a couple of guys walking up the beach with a metal detector and an eski full of beer. PROFESSIONALS!
You can’t hide that sort of weaponry from high tech spy satellites and surveilance equipment, especially not in a sand pit, no matter the size (no offence to Iraqis). It Is Not Possible!!!! If they had it, we’d know. The world could see that Iraq was contained, constrained, surrounded and unable to move in the slightest. NOTHING was ever going to happen.

If this war has nothing to do with Oil or using Iraq as a Millitary camp for invading other Arab countries then why is it EVERY member of the Bush regime has shares and deep associations with Oil or Defense and Weapons companies that are ACTIVELY holding contracts with the US Government. Condalliza Rice had an OIL TANKER named after her, fer chistsake.

So here’s a Bottom line:

There is no debating that Saddam Hussein is a monster that needed to be removed. There is also no debating that, until he stopped doing what America wanted, they didn’t have a problem with him being a monster, they quite frankly couldn’t care less about what he was doing to “his” people up until that point.

But ok, let’s accept that the USA was all of a sudden struck with a “morality” fever (funnily enough brought on by an oil shortage, cause let’s face it kiddies, America has and does support individuals and regimes that are equally as brutal as Saddams, can you say “Pinochet” boys and girls? ) and they decided it was time that they “stop this Monster”.

Wow! Luckily for them, US Marines and army snipers have OFFICALLY reported MULTIPLE incidents where they have, in the last few years alone, had clear and uninterrupted shots at him. “Unrestricted Head shots”. So problem finished huh? Dead as a doornail. Eat lead sucker.

No? Huh? Why on earth not? The monsters dead isn’t he? He was a walking attrocity that epitomized evil so you obviously took those shots EACH AND EVERY TIME IT WAS POSSIBLE! In the name of God. In the name of freedom. In the name of humanity !!! NO???????????

Nope. Ordered to “Stand down” and “Do not fire”.

Now little Georgie’s excuse that “duh, dat ud be ill eagle” doesn’t wash even with the reddest of necks. Americas done it before and they’ll do it again so if it would stop even one innocent person dying or being tortured then of course they’d do it. Protector of the weak. Goes without saying! They’d take the shot.

Unless . . .

With Saddam dead they’d have no excuse to invade . . .

They’d have no way to use up the Weaponry they recently signed contracts to re-stock . . .

They’d have no way to show the world how tough they are after missing out on getting Bin Ladden . . .


They’d lose the only real bogeyman they got left.

So, the most technologically advanced nation in the world, the biggest military Goliath EVER, bar none, the richest country in all existance with intelligence networks covering the entire globe says it cannot find a way, in one small country, to get one small bullet into one small despots head?

Forgive me, but . . . . Bullshit.

You honestly believe the *U*S*A* is that ineffectual and inefficient? Gimme a break. They are THE fucking SUPERPOWER people.

So, meanwhile, back at the ranch, YeeHaw Dubya Bush has given ole Saddam an’ his boys till sundown ta “git outta town” or Dubya, his Daddy and the Good Ole Boys from “Bush Riech mk:1” are gonna send in a posse ta plug the mangy critter fulla lead.

Knowing full well that he ain’t going nowhere cause ain’t nowhere to go and no-one can afford to let him in anyway, not once Dubya’s let the bloodhounds loose.

So, to recap the highlights for those who went for popcorn:

Americas friend, Saddam, has stopped doing what he’s told. Whoops, they just noticed, coincidentally at the same time as this happened that he’s a monster that tortures and slaughters thousands of people. Must of missed that point at the last BBQ. Anyway, that means he’s dangerous. Plus he has high tech weapons and LOTS of them. How do they know? They looked at the reciept. See they sold them to him BUT, they did it when he was a good guy. Gee, what to do, hmmmm. Ah ha, got it, let’s have a war, get the economy going etc. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Ok, not too much, we don’t want to actually get him cause since the USSR fell it’s hard to come up with a Bogeymen. Ok, sanction time, that’ll get him. Whooops, killed 1.5 million poor Iraqis but didn’t really affect Saddam much. Might be cause he lives in a palace. Damn, now we got a new president. He doesn’t seem as interested in killing people. Party pooper Clinton. Ok, got BUSH mark2 in, younger, dumber and 100% proof.

So the world teeters on the brink once again . . .

I bet GOD's regretting that whole "give 'em opposable thumbs and see what happens" idea now, huh?